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Introducing Manufacturing Lite

Manufacturing Lite delivers a complete solution specifically designed for manufacturers that specialize in low cost, high volume production. If your business assembles, uses manufacturing cells, practices lean manufacturing, or uses batch or continuous processes, this suite is for you.

Manufacturing Lite is simple to use and runs inside of Acumatica®.  It seamlessly runs right alongside of Acumatica's Inventory module, expanding those capabilities to provide you with a total, closed loop-manfacturing system.  You can even use Manufacturing Lite to expand the reach and control of your distribution supply chain.  Manufacturing Lite features cover all aspects of manufacturing and supply chain planning:


Create production orders whenever you need them.  You can enter them directly or create them automatically via either the MRP/Material Planning module or directly from Sales Orders.  Once you release a production order, you can print the Shop Traveler report and start production.

Manufacturing Lite bundles MRP, forecasting and capacity planning, into a single package.  There is no need to purchase or setup these functions separately.


Manufacturing Lite's Forecasting module will read your past history, and determine whether each item is seasonal, flat, or trending up/down. The planning system will automatically create Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, Production Orders, Kit Assemblies, or whatever it takes to keep your plant running smoothly by replenishing inventory just as it is needed.

Inventory and Warehousing

Create a supply chain network and link satellite warehouses to your main production facility.

Manufacturing Lite can create transfer orders to move the inventory to your distribution centers.

If you import or export products from overseas, you will like Manufacturing Lite's ability to track and plan all stages of a complex supply chain.

Capacity Planning / CRP

In Capacity Requirements Planning (also called CRP or Finite Capacity Planning) Manufacturing Lite levels the load from production orders against your manufacturing resources.  In doing this it shows a visual image of your production schedule by production resource for the coming two weeks.

Ready to find out more?

We built Manufacturing Lite wholly inside of Acumatica, using the underlying screen functions already available in Acumatica. With approach gives you receive the award-winning Acumatica user interface inside of every Manufacturing Lite screen and function.

When you get Manufacturing Lite you receive the complete toolset for modifying and customizing the system, and the entire source code, allowing you to  extend the base system to provide almost any screen and report behaviors you need.

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