Material Requirements Planning / MRP:

  • Determines what to make, when to make it, and how much to make (or purchase)

  • Ensures that materials are available for production and delivery to customers

  • Maintains the lowest possible quantities of materials and products without sacrificing customer service

  • Plans manufacturing activity, delivery schedules, and purchasing activity

Manufacturing Lite bundles MRP, forecasting and capacity planning, into a single package.  There is no need to purchase or setup these functions separately.

Planning Inquiry Screen Displays a Time-phased View:


Complete manufacturing module for small to medium sized manufacturers

Well suited for tasks like assembly, packaging, running production lines, Manufacturing Lite runs on the industry-acclaimed platform of Acumatica, the cloud-based software.

Material Planning / MRP warns you when circumstances change

Manufacturing Lite will warn you of the need to expedite or de-expedite any of your existing orders as circumstances arise.  Yet all proposed orders are fully editable and the dates or quantities can be manually overridden, giving you the final authority.

Firm up your planned orders to lock down dates and quantitities

Planned orders are created with Unfirmed status, and, before converting the order into Acumatica Purchase Orders or Kit Assembly orders, they can be changed to Firmed status, which locks in quantities and timing for the edit checking that will be performed.

Consuming the forecast

The MRP Planning Run will only use the forecast as planned demand if the Sales Order and Demand is less than the forecast.  Otherwise the forecast is ignored and the Sales Order and Demand is used.  This is commonly called "consuming the forecast".

Pegging and drilling down

Click on any number in the Planning Inquiry to open the Pegging DrillDown subwindow for more detail.