Inventory and Warehousing

Manage a Complicated Supply Chain

Create a supply chain network and link satellite warehouses to your main production facility.  Then use MRP/Material Planning to push expected demand throughout and create planned transfer orders. 

If you import or export products from overseas this will be important for tracking and planning all stages of a complex supply chain -- from overseas production, to the domestic warehouse network.

Customer Portal and Web Shopping Cart

Do you have an outdated website?  Does it lack shopping cart capabilities? 

Acumatica's Customer Portal allows your customers to browse the catalog and "click to buy".  It shows your entire catalog of inventory for sale.  Your customers could place their order online without a single phone call. 

The Customer Portal also allows communications with your customers for return requests, product questions, repairs, maintenance, or any other matters.

Integrate with shipping software

Using Acumatica's shipping capabilities, the system can connect with UPS, FedEx, and other carriers so you can ship your parts more efficiently.  You will now be able to maintain the tracking numbers allowing you or your customers to trace products in transit.

Acumatica supports E-commerce

Manufacturing Lite can automatically take orders in from your existing website in real time.  Click here for a video on Acumatica's E-Commerce module to see how easy this is.